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Lavender (Vanilla-Mint) Hemp Honey

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Lavender (Vanilla-Mint) Hemp Honey

is our premium Colorado high-altitude wildflower honey delicately infused with Lavender with an added touch of vanilla and peppermint for an amazingly delicate sweet flavor.

Great for tea, english muffin, toast, sweet breads or scones. Amazing in oatmeal, yogurt or ice cream.

Hemp Honey.  This is Organic High Altitude Wildflower Honey. It is Hand-Infused honey, please STIR WELL before each use. If slight crystalization occurs, a natural process for pure honey to go through; just simply warm the jar in a bowl or pan of warm water if you would like it to be back to its smooth liquid consistency. Crystalized honey is still great to use as a spread or still in your favorite tea.

Ranch CBD Honey Infusions and Their Benefits 

Custom blended each season with hemp extract from the most superior hemp genetics and the best organic high-altitude Colorado honey, to create a high quality organic honey blend to help support those of us looking to achieve a better overall health. We use only natural non-GMO ingredients in RanchPure’s Full-Spectrum Hemp Honey. Each formula is made with 100% Organic Hemp Extract, organic high-altitude Colorado honey and all natural ingredients. Each formulation has a unique profile to aid in your wellness goals.

Our Premium Hemp Honey is designed to help with a variety of wellness benefits.

MANAGE EVERYDAY STRESS  |  From both outside and inside the body.*

SUPPORT A SENSE OF CALM & CLARITY  |  Helps support calm and focus to get through the day.*

HEALTHY SLEEP CYCLES  |  Help achieve better sleep patterns & maintain longer, more restful sleep.*

REDUCE INFLAMATION  |  This is true for exercise-induced inflammation or overall inflammation from free-radicals and stresses placed on our bodies. The human body’s biggest challenge is inflammation.*

Ranch BEE-Well Honey (Ginger Citrus) | Include a mix of other beneficial ingredients to support a stronger immune system.


Full-Spectrum offers more: RanchPure Extracts contain not only high levels of CBD guaranteed, but also so much more, with the wide array of naturally occurring benefical cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, essential fatty acids and phytocompounds in each and every serving.

Ranch Hemp CBD Honey Is

Formulated with our RanchPure Extract and Organic High-Altitude Colorado Wildflower Honey formulated into all natural, organic custom blends, subtle in flavor but big in benefits.  Designed to help support those of us with ever changing lifestlyes with special addition to our health regimins. Each blend has it’s own uniqueness. 

USA 100%b Organically Grown   -  100% Natural -  Non-GMO  -  100% Vegan, Kosher, Gluten Free - Sustainably Grown


Store your Ranch Hemp Honey in a cool, dry place. 

We often recommend taking with food, as many of the compounds are fat soluble, this improves the bioavailability.

When adding to food or cold beverages, drizzle as desired. When adding to hot beverages, do so with care. Avoid adding to beverages that are excessively hot, as temperatures over 150 degrees can degrade the beneficial compounds.

As with any dietary supplement, consult your physician before use if you are pregnant, nursing, have or suspect a medical condition, or are taking any medications.