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Our massage and spa products our custom hand-crafted to give you the most relaxing experince. Our organic based massage cream surpasses them ALL! We have 222 mg of CBD per ounce for the ultimate massage experience. Available in unscented to combine with your own essential oils or our Butt Naked vacation scent. Combine with our signature 1776 Freedom Blend Line of ultra-high potency salves; particularly the Tired Muscle cooling blend or the Heat Therapy warming blend for those spots needing extra attention. We want to be sure you get the most out of your massage, ours is unbelievable!

  • CBD Massage Cream 222 mg per ounce

    CBD Massage Cream

    CBD Massage Cream - Supreme Strength SIZE:     8 oz   (SKU: MC-8-xx)  STRENGTH:     222 mg CBD per ounce. 1776 mg total CBD* per bottle SCENTS:   Unscented  (SKU: BC-8-UNS)       ...

    $225.00 - $1,251.00
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