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7 Seas Mineral Salt Soak

Coming soon, we will be offering a special bath soak; blended with mineral salts from all 7 Seas and infused with our premium full-spectrum extract and our own unique essential oils. This unique blend offers a one-of-a-kind blend of minerals from around the world, in addition to our high quality hemp extract, to soothe away the stress from both the outside and the inside. The 7-SEAS MINERAL SALT SOAK will offer a wonderful way to soak and relax from a hard day. When the office was a bit too stressful, the chores a bit too much, or you had way too much fun playing. This is a great way to relax and soothe those aching joints and muscles.

  • 7-Seas Mineral Salt Soak

    7-Seas Mineral Salt Soak

    7-Seas Mineral Salt Soak, a very unique blend of salt from around the world coming from all 7 seas, then blended with our CBD rich full spectrum hemp extract and essential oils..

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