Our CBD Body Care line offers amazing CBD infused products with other carefully curated organic oils as well as silk or collagen, to carefully nourish, heal and moisturize you hands, face and body.

Our CBD BODY CREME is an light, whipped body creme that is infused with our premium CBD rich extract, hemp seed oil, sweet almond oil, aloe, calendula, shea, vitamin E and silk protein to heal, moisturize and seal your skin with a silky smooth finish. Great for the hands, face and body. The CBD is still at an amazing 55 mg per ounce. For even more CBD check out our salves. Best applied after the shower for an all day moisturizer that marvels them all. Formulated for a light, but creamy blend tha is not oily and has the ability to moisturize all day long.

Our CBD HEMP-TALLOW LOTION nourishes, soothes and heals your skin not only with tallow and collagen, but also hemp seed oil, avocado oil, camellia and rosehip oils, while offering CBD at the same time. It will sooth and comfort your skin and is long lasting moisture.

Our CBD MASSAGE CREAM offers an amazing 222 mg of CBD per ounce!! Massage therapists all over love this rich blend of sunflower and safflower oil that is full of CBD and arnica. It is available in our signature Butt Naked scent or in Unscented, offering you the ability to mix in your own favorite essential oils. We offer 8, 64 and 128 ounce sizes. Contact us for information on our bulk/wholesale program for your spa.

7-Seas Mineral Salt Soak & Bath Melts

Also, keep an eye out for our RANCHPURE BATH MELTS, another great way to relax and unwind from the day. These not only offer you the same great CBD rich hemp extracts and a bit of relaxing bath salt but are mixed with luxurious butters and oils to soothe and nourish your skin. When you're done you will feel amazing both inside and out. Your skin will be soft and supple. Your only worry is that you can't soak longer.

We will be offering a select bath salt blend that offers salts from all 7 Seas to insure a full spectrum of healing minerals in addition to our high quality whole-flower full-spectrum hemp extract. The 7-SEAS SALT BATH will offer a wonderful way to soak and relax from a hard day. When the office was a bit too stressful, the ranch chores a bit too much, or you had way too much fun playing. This is a great way to relax and soothe those aching joints and muscles, and let go of the days stress.

Keep an eye out for lots more for your bath and body needs. Coming this winter - new exciting products for your face, hair and more.

  • CBD Hemp-Tallow Lotion

    CBD Hemp-Tallow Lotion

    CBD Hemp Tallow Lotion SIZE:     8 oz  (SKU: HTL-8-XX)   |   16 oz   (SKU: HTL-16-x)  STRENGTH:     27 mg CBD per ounce. 444 mg total CBD* per bottle SCENTS:   Unscented  (SKU:...

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  • CBD Massage Cream 222 mg per ounce

    CBD Massage Cream

    CBD Massage Cream - Supreme Strength SIZE:     8 oz   (SKU: MC-8-xx)  STRENGTH:     222 mg CBD per ounce. 1776 mg total CBD* per bottle SCENTS:   Unscented  (SKU: BC-8-UNS)       ...

    $225.00 - $1,251.00
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  • CBD Body Creme 444 mg / 8 ounce

    CBD Body Creme

    CBD Body Creme SIZE:     8 oz   (SKU: BC-8)  STRENGTH:     55 mg CBD per ounce. 444 mg total CBD* per bottle SCENTS:   Unscented  (SKU: BC-8-UNS)        |     Butte...

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  • creamy soothing balt salt melt bomb

    Bath Melts

    Luxurious bath melt created from our 7-Seas Salt Blend and other skin healing and smoothing oils and butters, all infused with our premium CBD rich full-spectrum extract and essential oils.

    Coming Soon - Temporarily Out-Of-Stock
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