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Hemp CBD Honey Infusions

Hemp CBD Honey Infusions

Ranch-HempHoney … we offer some wonderful 100% High Altitude Organic Wildflower Honey, both with our proprietray  blend of whole flower hemp extracts and without. That way ANYONE can enjoy our honey. Watch for the honey coming soon. We will be offering a few unique blends. We start with our Elevated Blend, just great honey and superior hemp. Our BEE-Calm Blend, is a select lavender blend that targets more restful, calming effects; great in your evening tea. Maybe you’d prefer our BEE-Well Blend which will help with your immune system as a great overall booster, blended with turmeric, ginger & citrus. Keep an eye out to see what other distinct blends are coming.


Our high altitude all natural sweet golden Colorado Honey is a great addition to your daily routine. We have taken this sweet amazing nectar and infused it with other amazing beneficials. Great as a supplement to any routine or all on its own. Great on so many foods, you will not get board trying new combinations.

We offer our honey in two flavors, our Lavender (Vanilla-Mint) Hemp Honey  and our Ginger Citrus (Cayenne) Hemp Honey, each contain 648 mg of CBD per jar (6 mg CBD per tsp) of our premium whole flower hemp extract. Both blends contain our all-natural CBD rich hemp-extract oil with zero additives or preservatives from non-GMO organically grown hemp plants from our ranch in Western Colorado. Our licensed industrial hemp plants are 100% organically grown, without ever using any herbicides, pesticide or chemical fertilizers.

Ginger Citrus Blend or Lavender Mint ? 

Ginger Honey

Sweet golden 100% natural Colorado honey is blended with ginger & citrus. We finish it with a touch of cayenne
for the perfectly sassy, tangy, heat in every bite. This is a delightful blend of flavors, great to try on the traditional things like tea, fruit, english muffins, sweet breads or toast, but even great with pork, chicken, stir fry, vegetables, in dressings or even on rice.

Lavender Honey

Sweet golden 100% natural Colorado honey is delicately blended with lavender, citrus, vanilla & peppermint. A pleasantly fragrant honey perfect with tea or any treat. Great in tea, or on sweet breads, toast, ice cream and so much more. A perfectly delicant addition to any of your favorite treats.

The honey is a great way to supplement a bit extra on those days that just challenge you a bit more. It can also be used in conjunction with our Softgels, Gummies or Tinctures for those that may like a bit less during the day but more at night. They are gluten & preservative free!

Some crystalization may occur at the top; stir before serving. If needed reheat in a water bath to melt the crystals.

*Alergy warning: some ingredients are packaged on equipment that also packages peanuts, tree nuts, soy and wheat.


  • Lavender (Vanilla-Mint) Hemp Honey

    Lavender (Vanilla-Mint) Hemp Honey

    Lavender (Vanilla-Mint) Hemp Honey is our premium Colorado high-altitude wildflower honey delicately infused with Lavender with an added touch of vanilla and peppermint for an amazingly delicate sweet flavor. Great for tea, english muffin, toast, sweet...

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  • Ginger Citrus (Cayenne) Hemp Honey

    Ginger Citrus (Cayenne) Hemp Honey

    Ginger Citrus (Cayenne) Hemp Honey is our premium Colorado high-altitude wildflower honey delicately infused with Ginger Root and Citrus, with a bit of Apple Cider Vinegar, a touch of Cinnamon and Cayenne Pepper for a perfectly sassy, tangy flavor with a...

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